30 capsules

Ateroklefit will cleanse vessels of cholesterol and your heart will work with double power!


Each capsule contains:

  • Red clover extract (main active substance)
  • Hawthorn flowers
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin PP (nicotinic acid)
  • Additive substances: cellulose microcristalline, calcium stearate, aerosil.


Meadow clover (Trifolium pratense L.) as agent improving heart health attracts attention of the russian scientists since 70th. Studies on flavonoids of red clover showed that there could be hardly found another vessel cleanser in nature as good as red clover.

The word «atheroscrlerosis» by itself (from gr eek «athera» — gruel and «sklerosis» — hardening) can explain well what happens with vessels, affected by this ailment. At the beginning stage the cholesterol deposits form mellow substance, then the atherosclerosis plaques are formed occluding the lumen of the bloodstream. Vessel wal loose its elasticity and get thicker. The chandeg vessels can’t fulfil their function properly anymore. It leads not only to the blood supply worsening, but also t o such complications as stenocardia, hypertension, CHD and others.

The efficacy of the Ateroklefit was proven by clinical trials, carried out by Pyatigorsk State Acad emy and Altai State Medicinal University. The results of the researches proved that the cholesterol blood level lowered, favourable changes of the lipid exchange took place, such simptoms as vascular disorders, vertigo, palpitation and ear noise have reduced. Ateroklefit doesn’t include statins, which are widely used against atheroscleosis. Atheroclefit is still studied at Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy with the purpose of register this product as medicinal agent.

Recommended indications

Ateroklefit is recommended as means improving cardgiovascular health: it lowers effectively blood cholesterol level, makes the blood vessels stronger, decreases thrombus formation, exerts bracing action on the immune system.

Ateroklefit can be used for:

  • preventing atheroscrlerosis and
  • in complex therapy of cardiovascrular diseases.

Regular intake of Ateroklefit not only promotes lowering cholesterol blood l evel, but also improves cardiovascular and general health.


Take 1 capsule 2 times daily with meals. Administration period is 25–30 days. The re-current course may be taken after 2 weeks interval. 3 or 4 courses a year are recommended.


People with individual intolerance to the product components are contraindicated.

Shelf life

2 years.